Take Time To Notice The Simple Things That Give You Joy

Living a meaningful life on your terms

Esther George


Photo by Diana Jefimova from Pexels

I put my phone away and looked up. Shafts of sunlight pierce through the swaying branches, carrying blissful scents across my face. Overhead, I could see a blue sky between the treetops. Nature is in its prettiest self, budding and blooming in exuberance. Spring is always a dearest friend.

Sitting on the park bench, I observe the beauty around me and ponder upon the seemingly insignificant. The fullness of life is evident in its simplicity. Yet I’m often distracted by so many encumbrances, so much vanity.

While I wallowed in the worldly mire, simple pleasures continued to pass me by. I straggled through life, dragging the baggage that contained all the must-haves and should-haves, many of which I no longer own.

I forgot about what it means to enjoy the simplicity of life — enjoying things that don’t cost so much time, money, effort, or require so much sacrifice to obtain because they are pure, authentic, and genuine.

In pursuit of some phantom, I exchanged my worth for momentary satisfaction that went from treasure to trash in a heartbeat. I paid the hefty price of getting lost in the deep end.

I have insisted on my version of the truth, defending it deliberately with faulty arguments, failing to realize that it’s okay for different versions to coexist. I don’t need to dictate what others should perceive because each mind comprehends a different reality. When I understood that, I stopped struggling.

Life is full of simple yet magical moments, but they are not always the easiest to grasp. Without altering my perspective, I miss seeing them altogether.

Simplicity requires that I slow down to witness a million scarlet blooms ignited upon the horizon of the evening sky. Simplicity invites me to take notice of the little joys because sometimes a bouquet on my table is more meaningful than banquets around the world. Simplicity reminds me to dance to the music of the ocean breeze as salty waves engulf my bare feet.



Esther George

Writer • Dreamer • Storyteller • She writes about discovering and living your best life now because life is truly what you make it.