Even If They Leave Remember You Are Enough

Letting go of those who do not choose you

Esther George
4 min readJun 23, 2022


Woman in white dress facing backward standing in countryside field
Photo by Monica Turlui from Pexel

Humans are complex creatures. While some people’s minds tick a bit differently than others, everyone carries some kind of burden we know little of. When problems arise, we assume and misinterpret.

We confuse matters by diagnosing reality as more complicated than they are. We experience conflict with others because everyone has a different model of reality. Why are people so difficult to understand?

I think about the people who stay in my life through thick and thin. They stay because they want to, out of love and care. I don’t have to convince them or provide reasons why they should. They don’t want to see me alone and would do anything to make me feel loved and supported. They are part of the most beautiful chapters of my life. I can count on them to lift me and help me live authentically.

Then some others leave, no matter how much I want them to stay. They do so because their time is up or because they feel they must. Those who want to go will do so eventually. They come to fulfill a purpose and then move on. Forcing the situation will only create stress.

I value the lessons and experiences gained from those connections. As much as their absence hurts, it is best to let them go. There’s no point holding someone up when their heart is no longer present.

We must accept that not everyone will have our backs when needed. It’s tough knowing those who say they love us would one day leave us questioning their loyalty and words. Not everyone will stay because that’s how life is.

The hard truth is no one has to stay in a situation they are unwilling to. When people betray or disappoint us, we naturally get upset. We slap labels and call them toxic because they did not show up as expected when we needed them. We often forget we are powerless over how others respond. Perhaps, whatever happens, happens for our good.

During difficult times, I turn to others for support. I expect them to look out for me when my back is against the wall because, without a doubt, I’d do the…



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