Dare To Lose Hope And Set Your Sight On Freedom

Finding boldness to quit fighting for what is no longer worth it

Esther George


Woman holding umbrella looking blissful
Photo by Denner Trindade at Pexels

I was there. With my feet on the ground, I fixed my eyes on the distant rainbow. I perceived what I yearned for would provide me with a certain sense of fulfillment. I clung to a shred of the glorious future, all in the name of hope. Oh, the sweet pain of anticipation.

I held on, trusting and believing, relentlessly pursuing. I placed my dreams on a pedestal, knowing there was always a chance to rise if I didn’t give up. I’m determined to stay the course even when it is frustrating and exhausting. I held on to the belief that hope does not disappoint.

I kept the flame burning in my soul. I continued holding on to unfulfilled desires, broken dreams, and people who have left. I clung to aspirations that no longer support my growth. I struggled to maintain confidence, yet I couldn’t help feeling amiss. I wonder if all the effort is worth it. How long should I hold to the conviction that a better life exists beyond the horizon? Am I clinging to the dying breath of a fading dream?

What happens when dreams collapse?

We paddle for hope because it appeals to our hearts even when reality gets in the way. It compels us to press on with a sense of purpose and direction. We see hope as a source of encouragement and believe that hope will always triumph. Hope stands at the threshold of time, holding out a light, assuring us it will be okay in the end.

We continue to hope when everything around us crumbles like burned paper. When despair trails closely behind, we still dare to hope. After all, isn’t it better to insist on a promising outcome rather than to give up? If we give up, there is nothing left except a sense of emptiness.

How long till I let go of this obscure yearning for life to turn out a certain way?

Part of growth is learning to recognize when the time comes to let go of that which torments us. We need to release the unrealistic expectation…



Esther George

Writer • Dreamer • Storyteller • She writes about discovering and living your best life now because life is truly what you make it.