Writer • Dreamer • Storyteller • I write about discovering and living your best life now.
Girl sitting alone in a dark room looking out of the window at the moon
Image by Ajay kumar Singh from Pixabay

It happens in those moments of nothingness. You’re swirling in a sinister, bottomless whirlpool of the endless void. The edgeless, colorless abyss that is cold and sharp expands gradually. You feel a deep longing that is unarticulated, immeasurable, and indiscernible.

Thoughts appearing out of nowhere convey a faint glimmer of…

Decide what you want, but don’t stay in the middle

Woman in blue long-sleeved dress standing on rope bridge
Photo by Abby Chung from Pexels

Everyone is striving towards maintaining a well-balanced life. But what if there is no such thing as a balanced life?

What does balance mean? The dictionary defines balance as an even distribution of weight, enabling someone or something to remain upright without falling over. It is about maintaining your center…

Esther George

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